The Mission

The Mission: To hike all 100 hike in 100 Hikes in Northwest Oregon & Southwest Washington  in the year 2014.

Upper Falls Splash Pool

The Mission Expanded:  Long ago, in the year 2000, my sister gifted me a copy of William Sullivan’s 100 Hikes in Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington. “Call me any time to go hiking,” the note inside the cover said. So began a decades long relationship with Sullivan’s guide. Each time I completed a hike, I would highlight it. With each new or updated edition, I would carefully re-highlight the hikes I had completed and lament the hikes that had been removed from the book. My sister began the same habit. One day, we would finish all the hikes in the book we kept telling each other.

However,  The Mission, goes deeper than the mere checking off of hikes on a table of contents. Over the last few years, new hikes have been few and far between. I have found myself sitting more and more in front of screens, dreaming of being outside, of being lost in the woods, of having great adventures. What stops me is not time, or work, or family. It is my body.

I don’t undertake this Mission as fit, active person, but as a sedentary 260lb woman. I have often joked to my friends that I was going to write a book called “The Fat Girl’s Guide to Hiking.” Indeed, that was the working title of this blog in my mind. However, I couldn’t really embrace it fully. The truth is that at this point in my life I am experience a lot of body dismorphia, but this blog is not about weight loss. It’s about strength.

I have never this, nor is that my aim. But throughout my twenties my body was always strong enough to do whatever I wanted. I used to be able to hike from the base of Multnomah Falls to Larch Mountain and back before work. That is really what this mission is about. I want the confidence and strength of body to adventure as far afield as I choose.


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